'Alu', 'CTE'=>0.0000232); $material['Steel'] = array('short'=>'Steel', 'CTE'=>0.0000120); $material['Acrylic (PMMA)'] = array('short'=>'PMMA', 'CTE'=>0.0000800); $material['Iron'] = array('short'=>'Iron', 'CTE'=>0.0000120); $material['Stainless steel'] = array('short'=>'SST', 'CTE'=>0.0000100); $material['Stainless steel 302'] = array('short'=>'SST 302', 'CTE'=>0.0000170); $material['Glass'] = array('short'=>'glass', 'CTE'=>0.0000085); $material['Polycarbonate'] = array('short'=>'PC', 'CTE'=>0.0000700); $material['Polyester'] = array('short'=>'PE', 'CTE'=>0.0000124); $material['Polyester FR'] = array('short'=>'PE-FR', 'CTE'=>0.0000250); $product['MSR Fast Tack'] = array('tensile'=>0.1, 'shear'=>0.2); $product['MSR Construction Adhesive'] = array('tensile'=>0.2, 'shear'=>0.5); $product['MSR Construction Adhesive SSKF'] = array('tensile'=>0.2, 'shear'=>0.5); ?> Bostik Marine

Fill out the green fields for a calculation of bonded joints.

Dimensions of window panel
Height of windowh(s)mm
Length of windowl(s)mm
Total thickness of windowt(s)mm
Mass of windowm(s)kg
Thermal data
Bonding temperatureT(app)°C
Maximum operating temperature of yachtT(max)°C
Minimum operating temperature of yachtT(min)°C
Thermal expansion coefficients
Window typeαK-1
Adhesive selection
Bonding thickness recommendationd(recom) mm
Bonding with recommendation:
Bonding width mmw(advice) 
Sealant selection
Sealing gap width recommendationb(recom) mm

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